Alison Watt

Alison Watt (b.1965) is a Scottish artist known mostly for her portrait paintings.

Famous for winning the National Portrait Gallery’s John Player Portrait Award while still a student, her best-known works often depict the female nude. More recently she has turned to still life, asking how the two styles can interact with one another by looking for narratives within everyday objects.

She has had several solo exhibitions at places such as the National Gallery, London (where she was also appointed an Associate Artist), the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and the Dulwich Picture Gallery. In 2008, she was awarded an OBE, and later in 2017, was appointed a Fellow of The Royal Society of Edinburgh. She is represented by Parafin.

Alongside Parafin, she donated 'Stem' (2020) for auction to the Art of Wishes in 2021.

Portrait of Alison Watt, photo by John McKenzie.

  • Area: Artist

  • Area: Artist